About the company


About the company

FORWARD – is an international company which manufactures and services horizontal directional drilling rigs. We joined experience of specialists engaged in HDD industry for over 12 years as well as engineers and developers having great experience in rigs production history.

HDD rigs of FORWARD HDD brand presented in this booklet came about through collaboration between engineering and mechanical crews placing high emphasis on the clients’ requirements at carrying out works by HDD technology.

The Head sales office is located in Russia in the city of Kazan where FORWARD service center has also been organized while main production area being accommodated in the Peoples’ Republic of China on the territories of Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., LTD.

In English the word “forward” means “ leading”, “progressive” ,”going ahead” and this meaning hits off the Company’s philosophy and the marrowbone of our product.

FORWARD company provides:

- High quality equipment manufacture ;

-International sales and equipment service dealerships;

- Professional service rendered 24 hours 7 days a week

- spare parts, tools and consumable material

- training and consulting services